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 Teaching :

  • I learned so much from Savina's ballet classes. She takes the time to correct everybody personally and knows what her students need to be able to improve. Her classes teach you a lot of technique and are pretty challenging, which makes you come out stronger every time. After having danced with Savina for about 2 years, I still learn something new from every class. Definitely worth your time!  - Ronen 


  • I love Savina's classes because they are full of positive energy. She's very passionate in her way of teaching. Classical ballet requires discipline, yet she succeeds to make every class a lot of fun and that's for me the most important.She also gives you that special advice according to your morphology, because she cares for individual differences, and that will definitely change your way of dancing.  - Sandra

  • De eerste les bij Savina merkte ik gelijk dat er goed gelet werd op de techniek. Iets wat veel leraren/leraressen vergeten of te weinig doen. Zowel haar gewone les als haar spitzenles zijn echt een aanrader! Maar buiten het technische is Savina zelf ook nog eens een ontzettend lief persoon. Iedere week weer een genot om haar lessen te mogen volgen!  -  Deborah 

  • When I moved to Amsterdam, I (small town boy) was afraid to find only big city dance studios with large and weekly varying groups with indifferent teachers, who teach without a personal touch and without sufficient individual corrections. Luckily, it did not take too long to find Savina, who proved to be exactly the teacher I needed. She challenged me and did not stop when she knew I could do better. Her classes are a combination of a great attention to proper technique and detail, and a lot of personal attention and many (many!) individual corrections. She helped me understand the simplicity and the logic of ballet and taught me so much about my body and how to use it. Besides being a highly skilled ballet teacher, Savina never loses a personal connection with her students and this makes that her classes have an exceptionally open, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I think I am very fortunate to have Savina as a teacher. I learned more from her in half a year than I did in all the years before and I feel so much more confident right now. Thank you Savina ! - Daniel



My experience with Savina :)
I received the coaching from Savina in preparation for the presentation of my solo.  Savina suggested extremely valuable and constructive feedback on how to add value, improve further and strengthen the choreography. Savina’s years of experience shine throughout everything she says and does. The coaching provided a good balance of positive, motivation and areas of improvement. Very professional, genuine and very easy going session delivered in a personal and positive tone. Overall Savina is friendly, made me feel confident, provided perspective in relation to dynamic, range of motion and energy.    

Thank you Savina for your inspiration and guidance. MariaLuisa

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